The Time Jordan Peterson Supported Pedophiles

Will Forrest
3 min readAug 15, 2021

Shocking statements, and very counterintuitive! Just what we expect from a “courageous truth-sayer” like Peterson. Problem is, what he’s saying isn’t true. The paper he cites was full of biases, data collection errors, and leading questions. Why is this? Because it was influenced by and had many direct links to pedophiliac groups, outlets, and activists, as this highly appreciated piece points out. This is exactly how abusers behave to justify their behavior, while the survivors are left being gaslit and confused by society, learning to suppress their righteous emotions of rage, sadness, and desperation.

If it has to be said (and sadly, I’m sure it does) and linked, here (and countless other sources, if you the stomach to google) detail the devastating effects of childhood sexual abuse on mental health. It also probably needs to be said that the response (minute 30+) of an in-denial, traumatized and Trump-supporting narcissist like Milo Yiannopolous doesn’t really count for a reliable source. Milo, by the way, has also come under fire for claiming that sexual relations between men and 13 year old boys is perfectly consensual. Since his public outreach through Breitbart was being threatened, he later retracted that view, saying it was a way to cope with his own trauma.

To summarize, Peterson — a professional clinical researcher — ignores all of this and promotes bogus, pedophile-enabling research for his own show, probably because of the “hot take” will get lots of views and likes. The hypocrisy is maddening, considering his messages of “personal responsibility” and “cleaning your own room”. If you can’t even bother to look up whether the extremely controversial study you’re citing as the basis for your worldview is reputable, especially when it’s your fucking job to do so, I think it’s safe to say you’re an irresponsible piece of shit. How’s that for a hard truth, Peterson?

Maybe he just made an honest mistake, but this is nothing new from Peterson. He’s been deconstructed countless times for his lack of research, pointless insensitivity, and attention seeking behavior (3 excellent sources among many here, here, and here). It’s not even the first time he’s said something incredibly outrageous on child sexual abuse. In a Q&A on YouTube, a viewer-submitted question (which he selected consciously!)…